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Whiteabbey PS – Stage School- Tuesday 3-4pm WC 11th Jan

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Whiteabbey PS - Stage School - Tuesday 3-4pm - WC 11th January 21

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  • Stage School

    Stage School is a club that takes elements of both dance and drama in an exciting after school club aimed at having fun through a range of individual and team games, learning dance routines, drama role plays, scripts and more! The performing arts club will help nurture every child's talent developing confidence and offering the opportunity to try different aspects of the arts. We understand the current Covid19 regulations so we have designed session carefully to benefit the children but keep everyone safe.

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    Tuesday, 12 Jan
    Tuesday, 19 Jan
    Tuesday, 26 Jan
    Tuesday, 30 Nov
    Tuesday, 2 Feb
    Tuesday, 23 Feb
    Tuesday, 2 Mar
    Tuesday, 9 Mar
    Tuesday, 16 Mar

    Stage School 3-4pm

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  • Some parents have asked if their child can be allowed to walk home after class. Can you please let us know what dates your child will be allowed to walk home if this is the case. If there's no permission we can't let them leave.