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Summer Camp 2020 – Cookstown HS

Summer Camp 2020 - Cookstown HS

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  • The child must be between 5-14 years old at the time of the camp
  • Camp

  • Clubs

    • Multisports
    • Football
    • Stage School (dance & drama)

    Children will have the option to select a club at the beginning of each day and move to a different club at lunch time if they want to try something different. Due to the COVID19 restrictions children will not be able to move as freely from club to club as normal however we will do our best to make sure each child has the opportunity to try any club they want! We will also look to introduce other activities and clubs as government guidelines permit in terms of arts and crafts and gymnastics!

    The camp will run from 9-3pm and is priced at £65 per week or £15 per day. Bookings exceeding 4 weeks will be benefit from a further discount.

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  • Some parents have asked if their child can be allowed to walk home after camp. Can you please let us know what dates your child will be allowed to walk home if this is the case. If there's no permission we can't let them leave.