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At MR Sports we feel that we can always further improve and continue to recruit staff with experience and abilities to coach as many activities and clubs as possible. We are always looking to increase the range of services we provide and therefore if you require MR Sports to provide a coach, session or organise an event for your club, child or organisation please get in touch to discuss how we can cater for your demands.

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We are always aiming to expand are range of clubs and currently working on a couple of new concepts to include Playwork (aimed at teaching nursery children and KS1 pupils how to play and interact with their peers to solve simple problems and follow instructions aimed to develop their initiative and using parts of their brain not utilised in standard forms of structured games.


We provide a childcare service for schools and parents from 8am-6.30pm each day. This service works by which MR Sports will provide a coach along with our childcare team will look after your child in their school from 8-6.30pm. This is a perfect service for parents who work early and finish late. Our services can be adapted to work with your current breakfast clubs and homework clubs or alternatively coordinate everything.