Holiday Camps

MR Sports provide holiday camps across Belfast in a number of venues catering for a wide range of interests. We provide sessions in schools in the form of PE and after school clubs, however during holiday periods we will then provide holiday camps to cater for children while they are off school.

Holiday Camps

The camps cater for children aged 5-14 years old and run from 9-3pm Monday – Friday.

MR Sports cater for a wide range of interests and therefore divide our holiday camps into 2 different clubs –

Football Camp

Holiday Camps - Football Camp

The football camp is for the keen football player with skills, competitions, ball mastery and mini world cup tournaments throughout the day.

Fun Camp

Holiday Camps Fun Camp

The fun camp caters for a wide range of interests and within this camp there will be 3 clubs that will run at any time during the day enabling children to pick which club they want to try. Each child is free to move from club to club throughout the day, with options to include, multisports, dance, drama, gymnastics and arts & crafts.

At MR Sports we pride ourselves on having a personal connection with everyone who attends our camps and feel that regardless of your ability level or interest we can provide something that everyone will enjoy!