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We offer a wide range of classes, events and workshops depending of the requirements of the club, organisation or individual. We offer birthday parties at our own unit, events at community centres, and other tailored services example weddings or fun fairs.


We offer a range of masterclass sessions which operate as small 1-2-1 or private group sessions with our professional coaches that aim to offer a more personal approach to coaching with all children working closely with our staff to develop their skills in their chosen field for example, football, dance, drama roleplay workshops and arts and crafts events etc.

The main aspect of this type of session is to work on improving confidence and skills through a tailored session that will benefit each child we work with. Masterclass sessions have been increasing popular during the current COVID19 pandemic as this is a safe approach working within social distancing guidelines enabling children to thrive and develop within government guidelines.

Ruby Roos

We provide a childcare service for schools and parents from 8am-6pm each day when school is closed or an after school service from 2-6pm.

This service is offered by our registered childcare company Ruby Roos; who provide wraparound childcare for working parents in their school from 2-6pm each day by which children get help with homework, allowed to have both structured and unstructured play, a snack and take part in team building exercises. We have a full day childcare option on days when school is closed to offer a service throughout the full year. This affordable childcare option is cheaper than traditional childcare services and with our relationships with MR Sports helps to offer a new approach to structured play that other childcare companies do not offer!

To visit Ruby Roos and get further information on our events or get advice on childcare vouchers and tax credits; click below to visit our website and speak with our team.

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To deliver fun sessions that everyone enjoys and gains from through tailored session plans suited to differing levels of fitness, ability and experience.